Confession time!

Reading last Monday’s classic FanstRAvaganza post of ‘Funny/Embarrassing Fan Stories’ on Richard Armitage Fan Blog reminded me of a slightly embarrassing RA moment of my very own. So, in keeping with question nr 23 of the 30 day Richard Armitage Challenge, I think it’s high time I confessed.

Much as I like my day job, from time to time things get a little fraught. So, one week, when the going had gotten particularly tough and there was precious little to feel happy about, I smuggled in a picture of Mr Armitage to cheer me up. I’d printed out the new headshot from the 2009 promo on some nice glossy photo paper, to do justice to the colour of those wonderful blue eyes, and propped him up on my copy holder. My desk is in a sheltered corner of an open plan office and as my direct colleagues are a liberal bunch who are aware I’m a little fond of Richard Armitage, I thought it couldn’t do any harm. Indeed, most female colleagues who spotted the picture seemed quite appreciative.

One day soon after though, an editor with a desk at the other end of the office came to seek out my direct neighbour for some editorial advice. As she squeezed behind my chair to get to his desk, she spotted Richard’s picture and said ‘That’s a nice picture. Is that your husband?’ I was looking at the editor who has the desk next to mine when she asked this and in the split second of silence that followed I just knew that he, like me, was contemplating this wonderfully surreal idea before we both almost fell off our chairs laughing.  Obviously she’d never seen Richard Armitage on tv before and was totally unaware he’s an actor and I do actually have a picture of my husband on my desk, who as it happens is tall & handsome too, but this was an absurdly flattering and funny thought! Ever since then, however, Richard Armitage is known in our little corner of the office as ‘My husband, the famous actor’.

Although that picture is still sitting on my copy holder (well, the day job is still stressful and/or tedious at times!), rest assured I’ve never popped it into a heart-shaped frame 🙂

Richard Armitage headshot courtesy of RichardArmitageNet. With grateful thanks to Palei-Stock for providing a royalty free picture of the heart-shaped photo frame on Deviant Art.


16 thoughts on “Confession time!

  1. Giggles, ItsJSforme!
    This story is priceless! You go girl! I listen to RA video music when I’m doing mind numbing budget paperwork at work for one of my many hats. I actually think it helps me concentrate. Ha! And I do have a picture or two of RA on my computer. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Thanks Grati. I love vid music too. I’ve been introduced to so many great songs through watching RA fan vids & have bought loads through iTunes. I can’t listen to this type of music when writing proposals, reports or tricky emails but do tend to play it loudly on my iPhone to psych myself up for difficult events (I find one can do anything once one pretends to be LN or JP!) or just to energise myself. I’d be tempted to download an RA screensaver too if I thought I’d get away with it 🙂

    • Thanks Jas. We also introduce him as my husband now if people see the picture and ask ‘who’s that?’ and see how long we can keep it up before we burst out laughing. Don’t worry – all done in good natured jest and not to take the P out of anyone 🙂

  2. Hmm, the person who thought Richard was your husband might have been speaking from envy… I do know Richarding is highly therapeutic. One office where I worked was nothing like as liberal as yours, so no pictures of anyone, but if I’d had a picture of Richard up, people would have been coming by office all day just to get a look and speculate.

    • Hehe, yes I’d be highly envious of whoever nabs him as their other half eventually as well Lady Anne! I do get a fair few comments on that picture and some of my colleagues have said it’s a good reason to come and see me in person rather than email me their queries 🙂

  3. I do love your confession and I will tell you here, mine. I printed out pics of RA as Guy in2’x2′ size to carry in my purse so that when I feel the urge to see Richard as Guy, I can take them out of my purse and look at them to my heart’s content. There, I said it. My deep, dark secret is out and I feel clensed for having made my confession 🙂

    • I think that’s lovely Jeannie! I have a nice collection of RA pics on my iPhone for that purpose (as I only carry a small change purse with me) but it’s a similar sentiment.

      And you are, after all, Mrs G so I’d say that’s a legitimate reason to carry his picture in your purse!

  4. Great story! Sometimes I wonder what people think of me when I have this silly grin on my face as I listen to Richard Armitage read The Lords of the North on my iPod while riding the subway. 😉

    • Thanks Bcc. I absolutely adore LOTN and recorded the CDs onto my iPhone as well. RA has added so much to the character of Uhtred, over and above the authors words, that he made me fall in love with him. RA’s voice is beautiful and he could make the shipping forecast sound riveting but it works so well for this story. You can just taste Uhtreds energy and strength – as well as his wicked sense of humour – works a treat after a hard day at work!

  5. Haha, what a great confession, ChrisB! I’m sure many of us turn to Richard when the going gets tough: pictures, voice recordings or video. I know I do. I love listening to his voice when I’m on the train on the way home from work. And just like Bccmee said, I’m sure people around me wonder why I have this silly grin on my face… If only they knew this beautiful man with the velvet voice…

    • Thanks Inge. I certainly find him a joy and an inspiration and his voice is just so amazing – I tend to use it as a virtual comfort blanket on bad days!

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  7. Louise Locas:I absolutely loved it. It had my full aeiontttn right from the beginning. I was really looking forward to the next episode and was very disappointed when I discovered there were no more episodes. Please, keep them coming! I don’t know how the writers do it, but you can’t help but like Jack.

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