Am I getting obsessed with Richard Armitage?

Well, both the day job and my ME/CFS conspired against me this week, so I had neither the time not the energy to contribute to the 30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge, as I had planned. I have, however, spent a little more time thinking about my FanstRAvaganza 3 contributions. Fleshing out some ideas for possible posts got me thinking about the ethics of writing so publicly about somebody else’s life and work, and, not for the first time, about that thin line between between admiration and obsession.

According to the Oxford Dictionary sitting on my shelf, obsession is ‘an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind’. It was first used in Middle English in the sense of ‘to haunt/possess’, referring to an evil spirit. The word originated from the Latin ‘obsess-’, from the verb ‘obsidere’, which means ‘besieged’. That all sounds scarily negative for both the person doing the obsessing and the person being obsessed over but as I’m not thinking about Richard Armitage every seven seconds (yet!), I consider myself still on the right side of that dividing line.

I am, however, getting to be a little bit of an addict. Sure, I fell for Richard’s looks when I first saw him in Spooks, and this is certainly still a big part of his appeal for me, but what really got me hooked on him is his energy. Here’s a talented actor who is always on the go, has bags of determination and works incredibly hard to get where he wants to be. He prepares each part he plays meticulously, jumps in there and gives it his all. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that my ME/CFS leaves me feeling a little drained on most days, but I’m a sucker for energy. Seeing Richard perform inspires me to pull myself together and push myself to regain, if not all, at least some of my former active life. He made me want to return to my more creative self. It was this urge for creativity that made me launch ‘A is for Armitage’. The idea that others had said plenty about Richard Armitage but that what had been said was perhaps still not enough. I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to contribute, I wanted a bit of that fun. Ah, you see… there we go again: Me, me, me! The true addict’s creed 🙂

Talking about having a little bit of fun. As I was pondering the chances of an addiction to Richard Armitage developing into a full flung obsession, I wondered what some of Richard’s fictional characters might have to say about that. Using a little audio clip from ‘Frozen’ Bccmee shared with us some time ago, I had a play in iMovie to create a short vid – with tongue firmly planted in cheek ;-‘)

[Richard Armitage headshot courtesy of RichardArmitageNet]


26 thoughts on “Am I getting obsessed with Richard Armitage?

    • Thank YOU for providing the original inspiration Bcc! That sound clip I downloaded from your blog lives on my iPhone. I play it quite regularly to either keep me in check or cheer me up and it still makes me laugh out loud 🙂

  1. Well said and well done! You can putme in the “beseiged” category as it seems Richard crosses my mind probably every 7 seconds, but then again maybe more! He has inspired my creative juices as well 🙂

    • LOL! You’re a real die-hard fan Jeannie! I love the creativity of our RA community. There’s so many great bloggers, vidders, writers and artists – it’s a real inspiration 🙂

  2. Hi CB,
    Well done on the video. Giggles! I think Richard Armitage is so busy (especially now) that he doesn’t have time to think about “what” his fans might be saying about him–besides, 99% of the time the commentary is complimentary. However, RA’s birthday and holiday messages always seem to be appreciated by his fans. So, it is kind of him to take the time to do that.

    If you like, you can borrow my rationalization. Ha! I like to refer to myself as an “avid” RA fan, not a “rabid” RA fan–but it’s a terribly close call. Ha! We have to poke fun at ourselves once in a while just for fun.

    Oh and CB, I do believe that your blog has landed on RAFrenzy’s tongue in cheek “RA Addict’s List” of blogs. Basically, she lists every blog that has any RA content in it. Ha! Although, I did not see bccmee’s blog mentioned yet. Surely that’s an oversight. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Thanks Grati. I’m sure RA will be far to busy to read my blog, so I think I’m pretty safe 🙂

      I still have to get used to being so invested in an artist’s work but I love the way he inspires creativity in so many people. The RA community is great – I’ve befriended so many talented, wonderful women through blogs and sites & that can never be wrong! ‘Avid’ is a great way to describe our fandom Grati.

      • :It’s rare to get a specialist in whom you might have some faith. In the world at psrneet, nobody truly cares about showing others the answer in this issue. How fortunate I am to have definitely found a wonderful site as this. It’s people like you exactly who make a true difference in this world through the suggestions they reveal.

  3. Hahaaa, that video was funny!!
    Just like Gratiana, I consider myself (and you, for that matter) an avid RA admirer, nothing as negative as an obsessed or rabid fan. That’s not me! Don’t worry, everything’s fine!! *nervous giggle* 😉
    *Removes tongue from cheek* 🙂

    • Thanks Inge. I’m sure RA approves of our creative endeavors and I’m sure we would never do anything dubious or outfight creepy – or at least I sincerely hope one of you guys will take the proverbial p*ss out of me if I start taking myself too seriously and/or tick me off if I ever overstep the mark 🙂

    • I know! The sound clip had me in stitches when Bccmee posted it on her blog and I’ve been dying to do something with it for ages. I often wondered what RA’s fictional characters would tell us if they could step out of their respective stories for a minute – guess now we know 🙂

    • Thanks mersguy. When Bccmee first posted the sound clip on her blog I wondered if it could be made to play every time I opened my internet browser as I get so distracted by surfing RA sites & blogs 🙂

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      • Sarah:I was just looking olnnie to see when the next episode of jack of diamonds was airing. the first one left me wanting more and more!!! This has been the best show come out of Canada since Wild Roses!! Don’t miss out on another great show KEEP JACK OF DIAMONDS COMING!!!

  6. Very funny. giggles. You know I have this audio file in my mobile but these words took the different level in your video 😉

  7. I made the Addict List myself, but I’m in good company, so we can just hang out together. At least we have something in common to talk about! The video is great. You can do a little of everything I see. I’ll be looking forward to more videos from you! Good job!

    • Thanks Kate. I think we’re in excellent company too! This is my first try at doing a video (or vidlet, rather, as it’s only a short one) but I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m planning my next full fanvid. Just need the day job to calm down a bit because I feel a little too worn out at the moment to do much in my spare time 😦

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